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Our team consists of dedicated professionals who were educated in Jamaica and have an appreciation for education as the great equalizer. We understand the economic challenges in our developing nation, the need for access to quality education, and the negative impact on the minds of our youth in their pursuit of excellence. 


R. Perry


Executive Director 

Perry gets fired up when we work together to invest in youth empowerment causing one more student to gain access to high-quality education and the time and resources necessary to achieve excellence. He started Kingston College 1983 where he was a member of the illustrious Chapel Choir, the Cadet Corp, and the all-island Basketball championship team. He remains committed support and promote mission Fortis.

He is the Immediate Past President of Kingston College Old Boys’ Association USA Inc. where for 10 years as president they expanded the scholarship program by 500%, established and supported clubs at KC, and championed professional development for teachers.


He is a member of The Marie K. Bogle Scholarship Committee sponsored by Penn VIPS (Volunteers in Public Service) at The Netter Center of Community Partnerships, University of Pennsylvania providing scholarships to students from West Philadelphia Public High Schools.



Bernadette Atkinson | Secretary 

With a background in finance, business, management, and an avid lover of the outdoors, Bernadette's passion lies in helping others from the less fortunate society. She participates in philanthropic, cultural and equitable focus groups that lift up and improve individuals and communities. Creating and implementing new ideas for work and social constituents is her forte. Bernadette is a graduate of St. Andrew High School, Jamaica and had an active role in in the key club, drama club, and choir. This was where her love for service leadership began.  


Everton Barrington | Treasurer 

Everton attended KC from 1983 to 1988 where I represented the school in the Pepsi and Colts football (soccer) competitions.  I migrated to the US in 1988 residing in Queens, NY. He attended Erasmus Hall HS in Brooklyn, and later Central Connecticut State University as an undergraduate majoring in Business Management. Everton's career has solely been in insurance as an underwriter working for The Hartford, Aetna, Met Life, Prudential, and W.R. Berkley his current company for the past eleven years. Everton is committed to youth empowerment and understands the importance and impact a helping hand to a deserving under representative youth can be in their pursuit of a good life. 


Merrick Foster | Program Director 

Merrick is one of the founders of Aubyntech, a Technology company based in Philadelphia. He have over 20 years of teaching at high school and tertiary level. Presently teaches at a junior college. Merrick have a passion for merging Teaching with Technology. How do we keep teachers in the classroom and empower them with the technology so our students can continue to learn in and out of the classroom? 


Dr. Earl Gordon | Program Director 


Dr. Earl Gordon is a Pharmacologist with more than 15 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. He previously served on the board of Kingston College Old Boys Association USA Inc in New York and supports all efforts to enrich the educational development of Jamaica's young people.


Dwight Green | Project Manager


Inspired by his mother and humbled by his own life experiences, he firmly believes in the transformative power of education. Since 2010, he has dedicated himself to providing resources to high-potential students from low-income families in Jamaica. As the founder of Future Leaders of Jamaica, a non-profit organization, he has been successful in providing scholarships to deserving students.


Dr. Carlos Nesbeth | Education Specialist


Dr. Carlos Nesbeth is an educator turned physician with many years of classroom experience in urban underserved communities.  As a former Master Educator for the District of Colombia Public Schools, he has the ability to assess, develop and implement culturally competent programs and resources that will improve teaching and learning.


Erice Reid | Education Specialist


Erice began her career in education over nineteen years ago. In her current role, she designs, produces, and delivers training and program improvement to teachers and district administrators around inclusive practices. She is also leads systemic change efforts in the use of implementation science and scaling of evidence-based practices; and is founder of Inclusive Schools Caribbean, a non-profit whose mission is to improve the quality of education for Caribbean students by building teacher capacity for inclusive instructional practices.


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